Camping in Snowdonia Elidir Fawr- 8-10 July 2016

Elidir Fawr

Happy campers – Nick, Colin, Helen,  David, Keith H, Anna, Steve and Martin

On Nick’s advice the original designated campsite below Tryfan for the above weekend was abandoned in favour of Mrs Mullane’s field opposite the Vaynol Arms in Nant Peris.  Mrs Mullane is a great believer in paying for what you get, which is not a lot at £6 a night.  (Future campers please note – bring your own bog roll)

As the last to arrive on Friday evening Anna and I headed for the curry house at Llanberis while the rest of the group tucked into camp fodder.  Later that night we joined the rest of the group for a few drinks in the Vaynol Arms.  It was leaving the pub that the rain and wind began and which would not cease until we packed up to leave on Sunday morning.  Early Saturday morning we were joined by Steve and Martin (plus hounds), who had just arrived by car.  Stepping out of the vehicle they didn’t even bother to pitch their tents due to the torrential rain.

Our plan of action for the walking group (Keith H, Anna, Steve, Martin, Helen and David) was to ascend Elidir Fawr, Y Garn and possibly the Glyders before making our way back to Nant Peris.  The rain and later wind was incessant and at no time could you take off your waterproofs without being totally drenched.  On the top of Elidir Fawr Anna was not feeling too well, but we all decided to press on and take a well-defined path (on the map!) just before the zig zags below Y Garn which would shorten the route back to Nant Peris.  (Future walkers please note – this path does not exist)

Using martin’s GPS co-ordinates and Steve’s excellent field craft we came off the route roughly where this path should have been and headed across and down over rough terrain to bring us back to the campsite.  Totally soaked and with my tent blown over and flooded we had a quick shower and headed for Pete’s Eats in Llanberis for teas and cake.  Steve and Martin decided quite rightly camping that night was a non-starter and after a hot drink headed home.

Later that evening the remainder of the group met up at the Vaynol Arms for an enjoyable meal and drinks.  Saturday nights wind and rain was as bad if not worse than the previous evening, so Anna kindly rented out her tent to me while she and Helen shared.  Early Sunday morning we packed up during a brief lull in the rain and headed home, only seeing and feeling the warmth of the sun when crossing into England.

Keith H.

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