Camping in the lake District 12th-14th August 2016

Camping in the lake District – 12th – 14th August 2016 by Helen Keyte 

Colin and Dave C were the first to arrive and set up camp at Gillside Farm, Glenridding.   Nick and I arrived later as we had to take a bit of a detour on the way as the Kirkstone Pass was blocked for a short time.  

This was actually quite fortunate for me as it meant that I could get some help pitching my tent in rather windy conditions!   Tents up and a cup of tea made, we relaxed for a while debating whether to cook at the camp or go to the nearby Travellers Rest.   A heavy downpour decided it!   The Travellers Rest it would be.   After our meal we returned to our camp just as Keith H and Anna arrived.   The site had filled up considerably while we were away, the only pitches left being somewhat soggy.   Tents pitched, they headed off for a meal while we had ‘refreshments‘ in my tent.  

The rain continued through the night but it did not detract from our walk the next day.   Keith H, Anna, Helen and Dave C walked from Hartsop, taking in Hartsop Dodd, Stoney Cove Pike, a challenging steep descent and ascent at Threshthwaite Mouth, Thornthwaite Crag, High Street, Rampsgill Head, High Raise, The Knott, and Rest Dodd.   We then descended to Hayeswater and continued down Hayeswater Gill, having to cross the river lower down as the usual crossing had been destroyed by flooding late last year.    A most enjoyable 12 mile walk despite the wind and rain at times.  

The views were stunning.   We even saw some bright red Swaledale sheep.  An unusual sight caused by the farmer being over enthusiastic with his markings.   They should, at least, be safe from sheep rustlers!    

Colin enjoyed his walk from the campsite to Hole in the Wall then a descent down to Grisedale and back to the camp via the very pretty Lanty Tarn.  

Nick also took in Lanty Tarn before carrying on to climb some steep slopes beyond there. 

After a hot shower and change we enjoyed another evening in the local pub.

On Sunday we awoke to a dry, albeit rather cloudy day.   Keith H, having had two nights in a damp tent decided, after much thought and deliberation, to dispose of his much loved but much past its ‘sell by date’ tent!   I am sure he had a tear in his eye as he put it in the bin.   

Dave C also decided to part with his tent.   He had been given it only to find that it also leaked.  This was the first and last time he used it hence the reason he called it his ‘One Night Stand’!  

An excellent weekend and we look forward to another weekend in Patterdale next April.

Patterdale 2016 IMG_2066 IMG_2068


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