Day walk on Cnicht

Nuneaton Mountaineering Club


October’s event was a one day walk over Cnicht which is otherwise known as the Welsh Matterhorn. Although this area is close to Snowdon it is much less frequently walked and it is not unusual to meet no one on these hills.


The day involved a long drive to Wales, the weather was expected, namely overcast and damp. Spirits were however high and the party of six made good progress into the hills. As we neared steeper ground the rain became more persistent and the cloud level was low so that there were no views. There was short scramble near the top which posed no difficulty although the wind was strong at that point but was behind us. The feeling of being high upon a ridge when the conditions are wet and windy gives a real sense of what mountaineering is all about, views are a bonus, not a necessity. What is most important is being with a good crowd of people and we are all of a like mind on this. Navigation was by compass and map with a backup GPS. The planned walk was completed in just over six hours, there was a quick change of clothing, a trip to a café and then drove home. A really good day was had by all.


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