Loch Lomond Febuary 2018 continued

Our club trip to Loch Lomond, Scotland in early
February had some very snowy but fine days.On one
such day four of our more intrepid walkers, 
Chris, David, Mo and Les set off for Ben Vane 915 metres in what proved to be mountaineering
Ben Vane had alluded our members on previous
occasions due to deep snow conditions but this wasa very fine day and there was an easy track to 
the base of the mountain.Temperatures were howeverbelow freezing with a forecast for -6 C on the
summit plus the wind chill effect.
Initially there was a path which ascended steeply over increasingly frozen rocky ground.  From the
half way stage the mountain was plastered 
with snow, layered in slabs and care had to be
taken to asses the avalanche risk.  Crampons and 
ice axes were deployed as the ground steepened.
There was lots of step kicking and there was some easy scrambling over and around rock steps.
Towards the top the wind picked up and care was 
needed on the icy surface as the slope steepened. Visibility however remained good. As the route up was so steep a safer descent was made down the 
north ridge and then down easier snow to the Loch Sloy dam.  A top day.
A photograph of our members David Foster, Mo
Rushton and Les Ball on the slopes of Ben Vane, 
Loch Lomond, Scotland on 9th February 2018.
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